I’m a failure, you’re a failure, we’re all failures.

  The letter F constitutes a lot of meaning for a lot of people….



 Yet it  begins some of the most beautiful words; friendship, forever, fabulous…..even FANCY!



….yet we STILL associate it with being a FAILURE. And why is failure such a bad thing? You’re probably responding, “Because you failed ASSHOLE! You didn’t win…you lost! You’re a loser! An L7 weenie! .” While I agree you make a comeplling argument, we can’t all be winners all the time Charlie Sheen….



Sometimes in life you lose…..

porn stars

And sometimes when you lose…you learn….and sometimes when you learn……you grow…..and sometimes when you grow….you become a better person. Hm, funny how that works 🙂 I’m not suggesting we stop striving for success, but what I do suggest is less self pity, heart ache, and feelings of extreme discouragment when we do fail at something. Sometimes we let these feelings of failure overwhelm us and stop us from continuing on to success.

Remember when you learned to walk? Probably not. But I’m sure as shit you fell on your ass multiple times before you were running marathons! Point being, failing=learning. Haven’t you read Dr.Seuss?

oh the places youll go

dr seuss lose

Thanks for the reality check Dr.Seuss. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and THAT’S O.K! Stop telling little Johnny if he misses the winning shot he failed you…stop telling Sally if she strikes out she didn’t try hard enough…and stop telling little Joey if he gets caught on the fence he’s never going to amount to anything..


It’s human nature to feel hurt when we don’t succeed.If you are really passionate about something and it does’t pan out the way you thought it would its going to hurt, as it should. That hurt means we care, we are passionate, we most likely worked hard, and that alone is something to be proud of and hold dear.

einstein passion

Thanks Einstein…..


When we fail we are left with another opportunity, which we can tackle head on, and perhaps this time more intelligentlly than before. Lots of successful people failed a bunch of times before creating some of the worlds most useful shit!

Here is the part of the blog where I’m supposed to insert all the pictures and quotes of those who failed a bunch of times and are now millionaires or pro athletes.





While they are a great example of never giving up I’m sure you may feel you can’t relate. “Oh, thats so great that Michael Jordan missed 700 shots in basketball games and still managed to be one of the greatest players in the NBA! WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!” You may not be going out for the Chicago Bulls, attempting to write a successful children’s book, wanting to make it as a stand up comic, or working on topping the charts Beyonce….but what you must focus on is where your failures are leading to!

Don’t compare yourself to others your whole life! Create your own identity, thats where the best success stems from!


I know failure can crush your confidence. Nothing hurts more than trying your best and it not going as planned. Whats worse? When your confident as all hell going in ….and then your let down.

But instead of throwing a fit…


crying a river….


or calling it quits….

grumppy cat

make yourself get the fuck up and what was that Aaliyah???

brush yourself off

What its really all about is how you react to things. Keep the passion alive and you can suprise the hell out of yourself!


And PLEASE do not let what others think of your “failure” make you feel any lower than you already do.

Keep telling yourself….


And always ask yourself…”Is this the end of the world?” Because it most likely isn’t you drama queen


Well that was a poor example but you get the point!

Do not let failure at something allow you to lose your passion or stop you from achieving your goals no matter what they are…

old guy winning

Don’t fret, just listen to Joe Dirt and everything will be alright…

joe dirt


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