Don’t eat your feelings this Valentine’s Day..


Are you one of those Anti-Valentine’s Day Bitter Betty’s? I get it. Being single on a day where everyone celebrate’s their love or forces their spouses to overcompensate on gifts for a love they no longer have can feel like shit. Its yet another reminder that you are alone right? Well pardon my french, but fuck that noise. 

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love right? Don’t you love yourself? If the answer is no, then you may have some deeper issues….



But if the answer is yes then LOVE YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day. Don’t sit at home and curse those in your life that finally found someone who can stomach them for long periods of time. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to something you deserve. Order a nice dinner, get a massage, buy something you normally wouldn’t. You don’t have to be a rich bitch to treat yourself to something nice. Hell, I’m writing before you drinking boxed wine and eating string cheese. Remember, its the little things that go far, even if their from you 🙂

If you run out of ideas just get drunk with your other single friends, just please do us all a favor and don’t get sad and lonely drunk….



Like I said, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of LOVE. Let’s look at a few different ways to look at this holiday differently, as well as why we began to hate it in the first place. Then maybe we can laugh in the face of our former depressed selves……


1.) Let us be happy for those who have found someone. Instead of being jealous, lets be insanely happy for those we love who have found the ones they love. How cool is it to know that you know people who have found their soul mate? Part of being happy with yourself is being able to be happy for others right? Don’t find their obnoxious kissing noises and Facebook posts when their in the same room puke worthy, be happy that they don’t feel embarrassed regardless of how ridiculous they look, because guess what? They love each other SO much they could give a flying rats ass what you or anyone else thinks. Now that is some powerful stuff!

2.) Now take a good look in the mirror and realize how amazing you are without a significant other. You don’t have that person to lean on during tough times, you play solitaire, you’re not invited to game night, but you’re also not kept up all night by another’s snoring and you also haven’t gained any comfort weight. Thats pretty freaking awesome, and you look awesome! Image



or maybe even…



Either way, you don’t NEED someone to complete you. If you’re your single that means the best has yet to come. It also probably means you have had your fair share of assholes along the way to allow you to become a Bitter Betty in the first place. This leads me to my next topic, those who ruined this beautiful holiday for you in the first place…



I’m sure 99% of us had someone ruin this day or the idea of a relationship for us in general. The circumstances make us wonder why US! Why are we continuing to date people who are scum and everyone else has found their someone? Gee this sounds like the birth of the Bitter Betty. Well guess what young padawon, this too shall pass…like a fucking kidney stone….but it will pass none the less. 

Please ALWAYS keep in mind that the asshole will never truly be happy in life. I know it can be hard to believe at times, but it is so very true and so very sweet to witness if you are so lucky. Image

Whether you get to witness it or not, it is NOT the end of the world. People that treat you as though you are expendable are building blocks for your character.


In a nut shell, they allow you to more easily see through the bullshit as well as see more clearly when whats right is right in front of your face. 

Which also reminds me, give the nice guy a chance! I don’t mean the needy, stalker, insecure guy who makes you uncomfortable…



I mean don’t make impossible standards, although you’re awesome, your not Beyonce babe. Lets be optimistic as well as realistic, then you’ll be happy. 

If you take none of this advice, thats ok. Just please remember there are worse things than being alone on Valentine’s Day…..




AND….there are better ways of looking at things ….




Remember, if you don’t love you than who will? 


I will, but you don’t know me….so I will leave you with this……Happy Valentine’s day!





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