Recover from a “Case of the Monday’s.”

Monday blues?                case-of-the-mondays

Lets face it, most of us drift into Sunday night and come to the sudden realization “Oh shit, tomorrow is Monday!” We then already begin to visualize our dreadful work week and how long it will take to get to our weekend. The Case of the Mondays is rather contagious, but you can prevent the spread of negativity by the following steps….

1.) Look for the opportunity in the upcoming week. Yes we can relish in all the work that must be done, but why not over achieve? Get your ass in gear and Overachieve! Not only did you get all your work done, but now your ahead of the game, and you can declare yourself King (or Queen) of the office (self-proclaimed of course.) Not only are you now office royalty, but you already kicked Tuesday’s ass by being a head of the game! Feeling awesome already? You’re welcome.

2.) Negative Nancy‘s in your face?

nancy regan

Hater’s gon’ hate right? Ok, in proper terms, negative people love to talk about all things negative and have other’s join them in their epic negativity party. But the thing about this party is, it’s no fun. You may recognize a Negative Nancy by comments such as, “Oh my God can you believe how much work Jess got done on Monday, she is such a brown nose.” Always remember, its fun to humor the Negative Nancy, but never join them. Negative Nancy will always be too busy knocking the positive people down that they never get their work done. In a nutshell, everyday is Monday for them. So keep it moving and give them something to talk about, for the end of the day you will TRIUMPH by being a Positive Polly, or Paul 🙂

3.) Wrong side of the bed?

grumpy cat

We have all had those days where we wake up wrong. Maybe we stubbed a toe, broke a nail, or maybe we fell out of bed? It’s important not to focus on that first bad thing. If you do focus on the bad thing, then more bad things will happen. Bad thing+ complaining= more bad things, which in turn equals a bad day. Try to make fun of your self, “Ouch I stubbed my toe, at least I woke up on the right side of the grass right?” Laughter is the best medicine, take two doses and call me in the morning.

Important Reminder!!!! 



The end.


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