Month: August 2013

All it takes is faith and trust, and something we as adults have forgotten…

Lately have you said any of the following…

-“I hate being a grownup.”

-(Gets mail) “Oh let me guess, bills, bills, and MORE bills!

-“I’m not excited about my birthday, I’m just getting OLD.”

-“Responsibility sucks!”

Well Eeyore

eeyore-1       if this sounds like you take a few minutes to read 🙂

If you constantly complain about what it means to be an adult what does your future look like? If you cant stomach paying bills every month or getting older it looks like your future is filled with complaining about the prices of depends, kicking trick or treaters off your porch, and always bitching about the weather..


CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK! It is all in your head cranky pants, think of all the wonderful things life has to offer as opposed to the few things that get on your nerves. Lets look at life lessons we learned as children that we never saw until now to help shape your outlook on your life.

1.) You can’t run away from your responsibilities. But you can sing Hakuna Matata through them. (It means no worries)


We can learn a valuable lesson from the Lion King. No matter how badly you don’t want to face reality, there is no running away from it. Like Rafiki says, “Oh yes the past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” Everyone makes mistakes, such is life, but its what we do with those mistakes that ultimately matters. You can pull a Simba and run away, move in with strangers, and pretend your problems don’t exist. But in that time you may realize your whole tribe has been enslaved by hiyennas and you could have prevented it, catch my drift? Hakuna Mata my friends, aka worry less about the actual problem and concentrate more on fixing it and you’ll feel a whole lot happier and a lot less like disappearing into an elephant graveyard 🙂

2.) A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!


Remember Mary Poppins? Ok, I’ll refresh your memory, “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun, and POOF, the jobs a game!” You may be thinking, “Well Mary Poppins doesn’t scrub toilets at Taco Bell.”Although this may be true it doesn’t change the fact that your miserable because YOU decide to be. You are in charge of your own happiness not Taco Bell management. Find some fun in what your doing and if you can’t find ANY, it’s time to make a change. If all else fails, take some similar advice from snow white and….

Whistle while you work….

snow white

It may not sound like much fun, but it will annoy enough people to put a smile on your miserable face.

3.) Remember to live in the moment.

winne the pooh

“What day is it?

“It’s today.”, squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day!”, said Pooh.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget what a gift each day really is. Take some time of out of your day to really enjoy the small things. Heres a great example, tired of just getting bills in the mail, write someone a letter and you might just get one in return. Imagine how great it will be to open a written letter as opposed to a final notice! Think about it, take a deep breath, and imagine the smile on your face while opening it 🙂

4.) Don’t hold a grudge!

hug o war

Holding a grudge takes a lot of the precious energy you could use to allow for happiness to come in to your life. Let’s take a moment to reflect on Shel Silverstein’s poem, “Hug O War.”

“I will not play at tug o’ war

I’d rather play at hug o’ war

Where everyone hugs

instead of tugs

Where everyone giggles

and roles on the rug

Where everyone kisses

and everyone grins

and everyone cuddles

and everyone wins.”

Ok, so maybe you won’t cuddle or kiss the person you were fighting with but let it go. Just let it go and be free of it! Make love not war, don’t just get wet, dance in the rain, whichever metaphor allows you to let loose the grip on your enemy.

5.) Don’t pretend to be something your not.


Ok, so Aladian got the girl at the end I know. But remember how annoyed Jasmine was when she found  he was pretending to be a prince? Do we also remember how she didn’t care that he was a simple man from the streets? People will love you for who you are, and if they don’t, they are not worth having in your life. Don’t work so hard at being something that your not, it will become a job, and it will blow up in your face. Remember that brief moment when Jafar put Jasmine in an hour glass? All because Aladian didn’t feel like being himself. Trust me, you are awesome as you, don’t change, even if you have three wishes 🙂

Lastly, never forget your imagination, you are never too old for that…

“All you need is faith and trust….and a little bit of pixie dust.”


Have a great day or not, the choice is yours!


Did I do that?


We have all had a Steve Urkel “Did I do that” awkward moment. You can either melt in embarrassment or come out on top. How you ask? Keeping with the theme of my posts the answer is keeping positive and staying creative. Most likely it is not the end of the world. There are some tips and tricks to come out of these common awkward moments without having to call in sick, getting beat up, or further embarrass yourself by crying a puddle of tears. Below I have examples of these common awkward moments and how you can conquer them:)

1.) The Fart                               


Lets face it, we all fart. I don’t care if your the Queen of England, Miss America, the President of the United Stats, or Oprah Winfrey. Passing gas is inevitable. As long as you are human and have intestines, gas will travel out of you and into someone else’s nostrils. But do not fret, here are some ways to get out of your trombone fart…..

Farting at the gym

fart at the gym

This is tough. Its difficult enough bearing the smell of everyones body odor let alone a lethal protein shake bomb. Your best chance of escaping the embarrassment is running. I don’t mean run away immediately after the fart, but going on the treadmill, elliptical, or even the step climber. This will ensure that your fart comes out in small spurts and will most likely go unnoticed, unless of course you fear it will smell like toxic waste. In this case find a treadmill or elliptical nearest the fattest sweatiest guy in the gym, then fart, give him judging eyes, and move to another machine.

 gym fart

Have to fart during a business meeting? The easiest thing to do to avoid embarrassment would be to excuse yourself, but sometimes the power and timing of a fart are completely out of out control. In other words, the fart is bigger and stronger than you at this point. In elementary school you have been able to get away with a who can clap the loudest contest, but your an adult, give them a reason to clap, or hell start a clap. When someone is finished speaking make sure you let them know how much you LOVED what they had to say by starting a clap, then release the beast. Or if your afraid that no one will join in your clap fest, leave everyone laughing. The noise of laughter can overshadow any fart, but remember to try and keep it clean.

EXAMPLE: What do you call a cow on the floor? Ground Beef! (Feel free to come up with better ones :/)

2.) Either initiate all hugs and handshakes or none at all: We have all encountered the awkward do I go in for the hug/handshake moment and you end up doing an awkward dance. The best rule of thumb to avoid that dance is to chose to go all in or wait for the initiation.

 awkward hug

Handshakes can be equally as awkward, and often times they hold more importance.

awkward handshake

In my opinion the best way to avoid this is by being the friendly fellow in the room. Don’t wait for the world to come to you sparky, grab the bull by the horns and go in for a bear hug or that manly handshake that shows you mean business.

3.) Your joke causes an awkward silence

cricket                                                                                                                                                           So your reenactment of that Dance Cook joke didn’t have your friends roaring with laughter? I’m shocked! But theres a few things you can do to break the awkward silence. The old phrase, “Do you guys want me to tell it again” will help make fun of yourself and allow your friends a laugh at your expense, you deserve it by telling them the lame joke :p If that doesn’t work this should……


Always remember it’s not the end of the world. If you keep a “this too shall pass” attitude you will recover.


And always remember, who ever smelt it dealt it.


Feel like a million bucks, while ballin on a budget

In a slump? Cat got your tongue? Feeling blue? All of the above? Too many questions?

It’s time to get your groove back Stella!


Since most of us can’t afford a first class vacation to Jamaica like Stella, I’ve compiled a list of the best things to get you out of your funk. This list is especially for those of you who dream big but with empty pockets, or as I like to say, “Ballin on a Budget.” Besides, “Mo money mo problems” Right?

1.) Remember, it’s not all about YOU! Surprised by number one? Well sometimes the best thing we can do to help ourselves is help others:) PAY IT FORWARD! But remember, your ballin on a budget, so keep it small. For example, pay for the person behind you in the drive thru’s coffee order. Imagine how that would make you feel? FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC, that’s how!omg qm big kid

OMG A FREE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.) Dance! Thinking already that you can’t dance…who cares! Dance like no one is watching, because guess what? No one is! It will raise your spirits by raising those happy endorphins! So get it girl, work it, twerk it, cotton eye joe it, what ever tickles your fancy.

dance dance dance

Hell, if all else fails, put on Jock Jams and get crazy!!

3.) Write a letter. You don’t have to be William Shakespeare to show someone how you feel. Further more, it’s not corny to write, even a letter. Imagine how much joy your Grandma will feel when she gets a signed, sealed letter delivered with love to her sweet old door. Go old school, ditch the emails, texts, and Facebook messages, write an old-fashioned letter. XoXo. Hey, you may even get more than a ten-dollar check for Christmas this year 😉


4.) Laugh. Possibly the easiest way to instantly feel better. And by laugh I mean that belly laugh that makes your sides hurt. Some feel better blogs suggest you start off by smiling. But what happens when your by yourself and you just sit there and smile? You feel awkward and your by yourself, weird. Try to laugh and see where it gets you.

Wether its people watching at Walmart…….


Watching a hilarious Youtube video….


or simply gathering your brew crew for a few chuckles…


Laughter is the best medicine, and you need not a prescription. Give yourself a double dose of laughter, especially when you’re in a slump. It can’t hurt right? Sometimes when you begin laughing you forget why and laugh just because your laughing. What a great FREE way to instantly feel better:)

Need a laugh right now, I’ll get you started……

swallowing your gum

Although this is a rather short list, it’s a good start. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day right? So in that case, when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do. Or when your broke, ball on a budget.

I’ll leave you with this…


“I wish I was a glow worm,

A glow worms never glum.

Cause how can you be grumpy,

when the sun shines out your bum?”

Recover from a “Case of the Monday’s.”

Monday blues?                case-of-the-mondays

Lets face it, most of us drift into Sunday night and come to the sudden realization “Oh shit, tomorrow is Monday!” We then already begin to visualize our dreadful work week and how long it will take to get to our weekend. The Case of the Mondays is rather contagious, but you can prevent the spread of negativity by the following steps….

1.) Look for the opportunity in the upcoming week. Yes we can relish in all the work that must be done, but why not over achieve? Get your ass in gear and Overachieve! Not only did you get all your work done, but now your ahead of the game, and you can declare yourself King (or Queen) of the office (self-proclaimed of course.) Not only are you now office royalty, but you already kicked Tuesday’s ass by being a head of the game! Feeling awesome already? You’re welcome.

2.) Negative Nancy‘s in your face?

nancy regan

Hater’s gon’ hate right? Ok, in proper terms, negative people love to talk about all things negative and have other’s join them in their epic negativity party. But the thing about this party is, it’s no fun. You may recognize a Negative Nancy by comments such as, “Oh my God can you believe how much work Jess got done on Monday, she is such a brown nose.” Always remember, its fun to humor the Negative Nancy, but never join them. Negative Nancy will always be too busy knocking the positive people down that they never get their work done. In a nutshell, everyday is Monday for them. So keep it moving and give them something to talk about, for the end of the day you will TRIUMPH by being a Positive Polly, or Paul 🙂

3.) Wrong side of the bed?

grumpy cat

We have all had those days where we wake up wrong. Maybe we stubbed a toe, broke a nail, or maybe we fell out of bed? It’s important not to focus on that first bad thing. If you do focus on the bad thing, then more bad things will happen. Bad thing+ complaining= more bad things, which in turn equals a bad day. Try to make fun of your self, “Ouch I stubbed my toe, at least I woke up on the right side of the grass right?” Laughter is the best medicine, take two doses and call me in the morning.

Important Reminder!!!! 



The end.