A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…

I was watching reality television. That’s right, I was watching a mindless, soul sucking, reality television show about a New Jersey hair salon. As I was barely hanging on to the seat of my pants waiting to see if Hairdresser Number One would slap Hairdresser Number Two, I actually ended up stumbling upon a moment of clarity, (yes, for real). I watched a young woman explain her vision board, a collection of dreams and goals placed on a poster board where she could view it every day. Although her goals were of obtaining expensive make up and hair products, the idea of the vision board  intrigued me. Instead of flipping the channel I decided to wait to see where this idea arose from. That is where I found it, “The Secret.”

This secret was not a “gossip” secret, it was a truth. I wanted to read of this so-called secret to life, so I ordered it on amazon immediately. As I read it I felt my heart pump in a way that I never had before. I was thrilled to grab life by the balls, to really put in to actions all the things I never believed I could do. In this book the law of attraction was explained in connection to positivity in life. Without giving you a lengthy summary, the power of positivity is far greater than that of a negative thought.

Where am I going with this thrilling story of reality tv and a book you ask? Right here, in this moment, on my couch, writing on this lap top for anyone who cares to read. I won’t sit here and tell you I read the book “The Secret” and POOF, brand new Jess Ryan. I really had to look in the mirror and call myself out on the bull, get off my butt, and rid of all the can’t’s, wont’s, and never’s. I kicked negative nancy to the door and invited positive paulie over for a brew, and it looks like he is here to stay. I know some may be thinking, “Well congratulations Jess I can also type on a lap top, sit on a couch, and live in a moment, why is this so significant?

I am a god damn Drexel student, that’s why. Little miss community college drop out is sitting here before you kicking butt and taking names!

Tommy: “Did you hear I finally graduated?” Richard: “Yeah, in just a shade under a decade, too. All right.” Tommy: “You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years.” Richard: “I know. They’re called doctors.”

-Tommy Boy

I am living proof that letting positivity hail in your life is a b-e-a-utiful thing and can get you to places you would have thought would only happen in the Sims. My point is the journey does’t have to be hell, my journey has been uplifting and it’s all in the attitude. But what I will tell you is I am an example of the beginning. The beginning to achieving my greatest potential.

Everyday I wake up and am grateful for Jersyliciious, that crappy television show that showed me the way.

Good old Mary Poppins must have read “The Secret.”…

…..in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, and POOF, the jobs a game!Image


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